Advent Calendar, Day 2

Yeah yeah – it’s already the 3rd of the month. I’m a slacker.

So here’s my gift for the 2nd:



The item on the left claims to be a “chocolate snack”, called “koala’s march”. Biting into one, they’re a very thin almost tasteless crust, with a decently tasty lump of gooey chocolate inside. The front of each cookie has an image of a koala spray painted on, which the back has a small opening through which it’s obvious they squirted the chocolate. Some sort of reverse anus. And I’m eating them.

On the right, we have a Milkita soft lollipop. The wrapper has multiple pictures of cows, including one winking. I’m disturbed. The candy inside is at least at first as hard as a typical lollipop. But there has to be something weird, right? Yep. It’s got a shriveled look from conforming to the shape of the wrapper. And it’s half off white and half pink. So really – tumorous testicle is my best guess. Tastes like a shitty version of one of those strawberry flavored wafer cookies. You know – the ones that also come in vanilla and chocolate favors? Overall, blah, so I’m not finishing it.

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