Far Cry 5: Insert Witty Title Pun Here

I was so hyped for this game. You could get a goddamn bear to fight alongside you! And when I started, it was a ton of fun. Then I started moving the plot along… I’ll keep spoilers below a cut.

Boot Camp Installation Issues on MacOS High Sierra

Quick tip if you encounter problems in the partition dialog of Windows 10 when trying to install it via Boot Camp on a Mac running High Sierra. Two problems cropped up for me. The first and simplest was the Boot Camp Assistant doesn’t format the partition as NTFS. No big deal – click it (it’s… Continue reading Boot Camp Installation Issues on MacOS High Sierra

Oktoberfest again

Odell Oktoberfest Pours clear amber with not much of a light tan head. Smells of malt, with a bit of hop aroma.  Taste-wise, it’s a decent beer flavored beer. Plenty of malt, and just enough hop character to make it stand out. Actually a tad sweet, which was a nice change.  No distinct aftertaste to… Continue reading Oktoberfest again

Oktoberfest, take 4

Goose Island Oktoberfest Pours clear dark amber, with a serious light tan head. Smells of malt and bread. Mmm.  IBU is only 17, but I should’ve guessed that given their ads Goose Island couldn’t resist the hops. And there they are. Not too offensive, and after a few sips they mellow a bit. Hint of… Continue reading Oktoberfest, take 4