Boot Camp Installation Issues on MacOS High Sierra

Quick tip if you encounter problems in the partition dialog of Windows 10 when trying to install it via Boot Camp on a Mac running High Sierra.

Two problems cropped up for me. The first and simplest was the Boot Camp Assistant doesn’t format the partition as NTFS. No big deal – click it (it’s named BOOTCAMP by default), double-check that you’ve selected that partition, triple-check because this is dangerous, then click Format.

But once that was done, the Windows installer complained with a message like “We couldn’t create a new partition or locate an existing one. For more information see the setup.log files.” After a lot of searching I found a suggestion to unplug other connected drives before trying the install.

And that did the trick. Right then, with the partition dialog up, I unplugged my USB backup drive and tried again. The install proceeded normally after that. Note – I did _not_ unplug the USB stick with the Windows install on it. Probably obvious, but figured worth mentioning for completeness.

Now here’s hoping tagging this properly helps someone else find this answer faster than I did…

Final Fantasy XV: Mired in Mediocrity

My better half wanted to watch me play Final Fantasy XV; she’d read a lot of¬†people having fun with it online. Since I wasn’t ready for a second run through Dishonored 2 (Stealth Princess this time, instead of Murder Dad), and I’d finished Nuka World in Fallout 4, I said sure. We often do this sort of thing, with me handling the controls and her picking dialogue options.

I was initially impressed, this being my first proper FF title since finishing VII on the PSX. In the meantime I’d played through Tactics Advance and A2 (and bounced hard off the shitty,¬†shitty iOS port of Tactics). But as you probably guessed from this post’s title, that first feeling wouldn’t last. I’ll start with nonspoilery items, and leave some space before anything revealing.

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Oktoberfest, take 4

Goose Island Oktoberfest
Pours clear dark amber, with a serious light tan head. Smells of malt and bread. Mmm. 

IBU is only 17, but I should’ve guessed that given their ads Goose Island couldn’t resist the hops. And there they are. Not too offensive, and after a few sips they mellow a bit. Hint of banana in there, plus something I remember from our Japan trip, though I can’t recall if it was a beer or something else. 

Overall, better than I was expecting. I had money on tossing it after the first few gulps. Was nice to be wrong.