Blinds Cord Condensers

Sometimes you move into a house previously occupied by 6’+ tall people. And when they have safety concerns about their grandson, ensuring the blinds cords are secure is a good thing. But they didn’t bother to just tie them up like sane people. Nope. They unsnapped the cord extensions and apparently looked at them thinking, “We’re all tall and little whatshisname will be tall too one day. We don’t need these!” and promptly threw them away. Which leaves us 5’6″ people straining to open the damn things.


When you find yourself in this situation, what you want to search for are “blinds cord condensers”. Not “pulls”. Not “extensions”. Condensers take multiple cords and anchor them, so you can have just one dangling down for you to use and the cats to entertain themselves with.

Oh and go ahead and ask the people at Lowe’s or Home Depot about them. They know what you’re talking about, but they don’t sell them, and they won’t know to call them “condensers”.

Should we have noticed this when we toured the house? Sure. Except that they had every set of blinds in the place pulled up, which made the inadequate cords look perfectly fine. Ah well – something to note for the next time we buy a house. Much like how I didn’t walk into a potential property before buying this one without an electrical outlet tester. Never again will I live in a house without proper grounding.

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