Advent Calendar, Day 18

Ok, this was unexpected and badass:


Domo-kun charms! Left to right we’ve got:
– beach domo, with safari hat and inner tube
– luchadore domo, fuck yeah
– bling domo, who’s chain actually has an upside-down cross in a circle
– kaiju domo, ready to…well we’ll get to that
– satan domo, including pointed tail
– sumo domo, taking a fall because the charm won’t stay standing
– Dali domo, whose exquisite mustache is hard to see in that pic
– geek domo, with repaired nerd glasses

And because I couldn’t pass up combining these with another gift from the advent calendar, we have:


Luchadore Domo (a Mark V jaeger assigned to the Tokyo Shatterdome) prepares to defend against Kaiju Domo and Megacrane!

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