Advent Calendar, Day 20

Something cool today:


Vanilla ice cream flavor kit kats. And per the instructions from the polar bears on the back of the bag, I put these in the freezer for a while before trying one. They’re pretty much what it says on the tin…er…bag. It’s like cheap, artificially flavored vanilla ice cream. The kind your lame uncle buys because he was once spurned by a girl from Brenham, TX, so “Blue Bell can eat shit”. Not as good as the strawberry cheesecake ones, but I’ll finish them.

Advent Calendar, Day 19

Home stretch now, and we have:


Three mango-flavored hard candies, and one more lychee one. I’m liking the lychee more the more I try, though the gummy versions are still better. Less like huffing the exhaust vent at a florist.

The mango taste like mango, which I can generally take or leave. There’s almost something savory to these…like Parmesan or some other cheese. Not a bad thing – just odd.

Advent Calendar, Day 18

Ok, this was unexpected and badass:


Domo-kun charms! Left to right we’ve got:
– beach domo, with safari hat and inner tube
– luchadore domo, fuck yeah
– bling domo, who’s chain actually has an upside-down cross in a circle
– kaiju domo, ready to…well we’ll get to that
– satan domo, including pointed tail
– sumo domo, taking a fall because the charm won’t stay standing
– Dali domo, whose exquisite mustache is hard to see in that pic
– geek domo, with repaired nerd glasses

And because I couldn’t pass up combining these with another gift from the advent calendar, we have:


Luchadore Domo (a Mark V jaeger assigned to the Tokyo Shatterdome) prepares to defend against Kaiju Domo and Megacrane!