Oktoberfest, 3

Spaten Oktoberfest

Pours out clear, dark amber. Not much head. Initial aroma is definite “classic beer” like the Miller and Bud my dad used to drink. Not necessarily a bad thing, and definitely a memory trigger.

Taste is subtle – not terribly assertive. Everything seems to show up only as you swallow. I suppose there’s a little bit of malt there, but really it just says “beer” to me – nothing else stands out. A shame, given how much I like their Optimator brew.

Aftertaste is similarly absent anything but “beer”. I suppose that’s better than the “fellated a pine cone” aftertaste I get from the all-too-common IPA, but it isn’t much to recommend this.

Oktoberfest, part the second

Franconia Oktoberfest

Pours dark amber. Light tan head, and not much of that. No distinct scent before tasting

Taste is incredibly smooth. It’s like what you might expect of generic dark beer, but for notes of chocolate and a fizziness like I’d expect from one of Jester King’s saisons.

Aftertaste is more caramel candy notes. I’ve a feeling this would be good with sweet potatoes. 

Oktoberfest, part the first

This blog has lain fallow for far too long. So while buying another six pack of St. Arnold Oktoberfest I decided to grab a few other Oktoberfest brews and do some mini reviews.

Oktoberfests tend to be my favorite when it comes to beer. Nice and malty, low on the bitterness, and they make excellent beer bread. So we’ll start with my fav, the aforementioned St. Arnold. 

Pours out amber with a decent light tan head. Before taking a sip you can already get a bit of breadiness. Taste is assertively malty, with a slight bit of sweetness. Aftertaste is clean, with another hint of bread.